10 reasons homeowners love Solidor front doors

One of the leading names on the market for composite front doors is Solidor. This brand of front doors has really taken off over since launching in 2004 and has become a very popular choice with homeowners around the UK. Although there are a number of other composite door manufacturers in the industry, the public really seem to look for Solidor currently. As a result, it is also a brand that has become popular with tradespeople who fit front doors and want to offer the most appealing products to their customers.

But what is it about Solidor composite front doors that homeowners seem to love best?

1. Solid 48mm hardwood core

The composite design of these doors includes a solid hardwood core which is 48mm thick. Solidor report that this is around 10% thicker than their main competitors and due to their doors being produced from a solid timber core. This design not only makes Solidor composite front doors very durable but also very tough. All homeowners value these qualities and this explains why they have become such a hit with the UK public.

2. Huge choice of colours

Anyone who works in the trade knows their customers love choice and expect to have a range of options when buying a new front door. This is certainly true for the colour it will be! Solidor doors score well with the public here because they come in a huge range of shades.

This includes 23 colours inside or outside the door and 18 combinations for the frame. Solidor report that their doors also come with over 11,000 colour options and this includes exclusive shades such as Irish Oak or Duck Egg Blue.

3. Great choice of designs

As well as your customers loving the massive range of colours offered by Solidor composite doors, they will also be sure to value the various designs they come in. From elegant French doors to distinctive stable doors and stylish arched doors, this is a brand which has a design to suit any property. This not only means your customers can find the ideal front door to suit their own tastes but also that you can offer them a design solution which meets their needs.

4. UK’s most popular composite door

Although there are other options to offer customers, it seems clear that Solidor doors have proved to be the most popular choice for UK homeowners over time. They have grown hugely since 2004 to become the market leader for composite front doors around the country and a brand which homeowners trust. This makes them a brand which your customers look for and which they are more than happy to fit in their property.

5. Ultra-secure for extra protection

Home security is something that we all put great emphasis on – especially the people who might call you to fit new entrance doors. Solidor doors have become well-loved by the UK public because of their ultra-secure nature. They now feature the Ultion locking system for increased protection and are known for being very hard to break down. All this has made them a front door which security-conscious Brits turn to when building, renovating or updating their property.

6. Lots of stylish accessories

Anyone involved in the trade knows that front door accessories are a key selling point for customers. They can really make or break how a door looks – plus influence how likely a customer is to choose that door to fit. Solidor front doors come with a large range of stylish accessories to choose from. This includes beautiful hinges, knockers and handles in a selection of designs/materials.

7. Exceeds building regs around thermal efficiency

More and more homeowners around the UK are focusing on thermal efficiency when choosing fittings for their properties. This in turn makes it key for tradespeople to offer products which perform well in this area, in order to remain competitive.

Solidor doors score well here because they actually exceed the building regs around thermal efficiency. This helps your customers keep more heat inside their home, use less energy and keep those ever-rising energy bills down. It also helps them do their bit for the planet and waste less energy.

8. Solidor doors increase kerb appeal

Solidor Composite Doors

Whether your customers plan to stay in their home for the long-term or are looking to sell, there is no doubt that having a Solidor fitted will boost their property’s kerb appeal. These doors simply look amazing and will instantly give any home more pizazz. The level of elegance these doors offer to customers is perfect for impressing their neighbours, showing off their home to friends or adding a few extra pounds to the property’s selling price.

9. Hand-crafted glazing available

Solidor composite doors also come with the option of having hand-crafted glazing fitted for extra visual appeal. This glazing is from highly-respected fused glass designer Jo Downs. Solidor offer exclusive access to her beautiful Cornish-inspired fused glass glazing and this is another reason why people choose them over other composite door manufacturers.

10. Great value for money

When people are choosing which entrance doors to buy, the price will always be a factor. Solidor doors offer great value for money and this explains why so many homeowners in the UK love them. Although they might not be the cheapest composite door solution around, their looks, features and robust design mean customers get a lot for their money when choosing Solidor.

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As the above clearly shows, there are some very good reasons why people around the UK have fallen in love with these kinds of entrance doors. In addition, it is also clear to see what benefits they give to customers and why offering Solidor front doors is sensible for people in this trade.

If you need great value Solidor doors with fast, reliable delivery, order online with The Trade Village today. If you need any help or have any questions, get in touch at enquiries@thetradevillage.co.uk.

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