Why double-glazing fitters need to start moving into the outdoor space

As the colder months approach here in the UK, homeowners looking to insulate their properties against the coming chills will be looking to high-quality double-glazing installers to improve their windows and doors. However, an emerging market in Britain driven by national and global events is offering professional fitters a brand-new opportunity for their enterprises with a broader range of residential customers.

Namely, the outdoor living market…

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into how and why homeowners are utilising the outdoor areas of their properties and how double-glazing fitters who specialise in doors and windows can now capitalise on the outdoor living trend. Read on to find out more.

Increased use of outdoor spaces

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Over the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many UK residents found themselves confined to their homes. Unable to spend time together in outdoor spaces, many homeowners and their bubble made the best of the bad situation by revamping the areas of their property located outside.

Being able to get some fresh air, and natural light and hear the bird’s sing was an attractive option to many. Property owners used their savings, spare time (and unused holiday money due to travel restrictions) to create glass garden rooms, verandahs and pergolas. Along with these new areas where they could socialise safely, they also made unkempt outdoor areas more attractive and fit for purpose with options like composite decking.

With many more members of the family in residence than usual, homeowners also enjoyed accessing the extra space that these new areas offered. While building extensions and loft conversions offer additional room, glazed garden rooms and canopies allowed a sense of the natural world indoors along with plenty of sunlight at a time when people felt cooped up.

While the lockdowns came to an end last year, homeowners who had experienced the benefits of additional space spread the word and the trend has continued. Outdoor living areas see an exceptionally wide range of uses, becoming home offices and studies, personal gyms, party rooms and even places to house luxurious hot tubs.

Notoriously tricky to heat

Many outdoor products such as this stunning composite decking lead naturally from glazing products such as sliding doors…

While enclosed outdoor areas offer additional room for homeowners, they are notoriously tricky to heat. Poorly constructed living spaces might not suffer as much in the summertime but in the colder months of the year, they can become draughty and even uninhabitable. Enterprising double-glazing specialists can offer their expert services to homeowners for these dedicated areas ensuring that they remain warmer all year round for maximum enjoyment.

Underfloor heating is often deployed in glass garden rooms, but it operates at lower flow temperatures and so requires excellent insulation to provide effective warmth. Double-glazing fitters can solve this issue for homeowners, however. Energy giant EDF advises the use of double glazing alongside other measures to reduce heat loss in conservatories when homeowners wish to use them in every season.

Property owners who must stay put

Verandah’s and pergolas are very popular right now and window installers already have a headstart on these products…

Inflation and the cost-of-living crisis are having a considerable impact on the property market leading many homeowners to retain their residence rather than move. However, the driving forces that lead many households to search for a new base must still be answered.

Those looking to upgrade the appearance of their property may opt to renovate their outdoor spaces with easy-to-care-for composite decking or a glazed veranda. Due to the unpredictable nature of UK weather, many homeowners are now opting for a glazed canopy or veranda. These options still let plenty of light through but ensure there is the appropriate cover for temporary showers or poorer conditions.

Property owners seeking more room for their growing family can also create more enclosed living space with a glass-walled garden room. With another area at their disposal for socialising and relaxing, they can repurpose one of the existing rooms within the home into a home office or extra bedroom.

Homeowners who do not have the funds to finance a move are investing in these outdoor solutions instead which are far easier to afford. As these living spaces work well with double glazing, it offers a growing number of customers for tradespeople with this speciality.

Money invested in home improvements is never wasted. Both economic and property markets are always subject to change, but any enhancements added can only increase the worth of the most significant investment most people make in a lifetime.

Homeowners adding value to their house

You can create some stunning outdoor areas easily like this one with Millboard decking…

While some homeowners are planning to stay put, others are looking to enhance the value of their property to encourage a sale. In this scenario, there are also gains for double-glazing fitters. Financial experts at This is Money state that adding double glazing can add as much as 10 per cent value to a home, so it makes sense that outdoor areas should have the same feature if property owners wish to profit.

Among the top attributes that increase a property’s price are additional space, excellent energy efficiency and a sense of luxury. Homeowners find they can often tick all three of these boxes providing the additional living areas they create benefit from a qualified double-glazing expert.

A garden room can be designed for entertaining guests or just enjoying the opulence of a dip in the hot tub in any kind of weather, but double glazing can ensure it remains well-insulated, peaceful, and private, thanks to its noise-reductive qualities. As a result, a homeowner can advertise their property with a listing that includes luxury features and additional space. Boosting insulation and double-glazing can ensure less heat loss occurs throughout the property amping its energy efficiency rating to make it more attractive.

Enter the outdoor living market today

If you’re an enterprising double-glazing fitter who is keen to access a whole new market of outdoor living areas for homeowners, at The Trade Village we can offer your strong support.

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