Why you need Orca Hot Tubs 

In today’s fast-paced world, finding ways to relax and unwind has become increasingly important for our overall health and well-being and whilst there are tons of options available to help one do this, one activity that stands out in particular is through owning a hot tub. 

With their soothing warm water and bubbling jets, hot tubs offer a multitude of reasons for why someone needs one in their life and through our fantastic partnership with Orca Leisure; one of the UK’s leading hot tub manufacturers, we’re proud to offer a stunning range of high specification hot tubs with the latest technology, at an exclusive price point. 

With demand rising and further growth expected, we’ve put together some of the best benefits of owning a hot tub (feel free to share this with your customers to help you get that sale over the line): 

Boosts Metabolism & Promotes Weight Loss 

Now, whilst this may seem way too good to be true, it is indeed 100% true. 

On average, studies have found that a daily soak in a hot tub can help you lose weight. As the water increases your temperature, this in turn improves blood flow in the body, helping you to remove toxins from both your organs and skin. 

(It’s important to understand that this isn’t a replacement for exercise, however still beneficial to do, especially for those unable to perform certain activities often like walks for example) 

Improved Blood Circulation 

Yes, you’ve read this right. Warm water does in fact help bad blood pressure, sadly something a large range of individuals suffer from. 

The warm, regulated temperature of a hot tub expands blood vessels in the body, promoting healthy blood flow and reducing blood pressure. As a bonus, it’ll help you feel calmer as it aids your body in getting the oxygen to the right place more quickly.

Customers absolutely love this benefit, especially in this current world of high stress levels contributing to higher blood pressure. (If this doesn’t sell the product, we don’t know what will!) 

Easing or Arthritis & Joint Pain 

Another fantastic benefit of a regular soak in the tub is that it can help with arthritic pain (or any joint pain really).

Hot tubs combine heat therapy and hydrotherapy together really well and both of these things help to reduce arthritis pain, as well as helping to loosen up any stiff joints. 

Hot tubs with powerful jets go one further and also provide a massaging effect on the body. 

Due to this, it’s clear that a quick, regular soak can be a source of easy reprieve for those who suffer with this type of problem. 

Better Quality Sleep 

Something we all love, a good night’s sleep. 

With the UK being a seriously sleep-deprived nation and many Brits found to be suffering from insomnia, hot tub soaks can be an easy way for us to get back on track with our sleeping patterns. 

The Hydrotherapeutic effects of the water jets and aqua massagers have been proven to affect the quality of sleep in a good way, resulting in much deeper and longer periods of sleep. 

Round up 

So, there you have it! A fantastic range of hot tubs with a fantastic range of benefits AND all our prices include a complete installation service, could this get any better? Definitely not! 

For more information on our stunning Orca range, just click here.  

To place an order, call our team on 01642 309574 or email enquiries@thetradevillage.co.uk  


Are the hot tubs available to purchase now? 

Yes, all products in our Orca range are available to purchase now. 

Will I need to install the hot tub? 

No, all our hot tubs come with a complete installation service. After placing an order, our dedicated engineers will deliver, position and install the hot tub for your customer. 

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