The next generation of entrance door has arrived…


The Smart Signature Aluminium door range is brand new for 2023. The Trade Village are proud launch partners with Smart Aluminium on this exciting new door, set to disrupt the industry.

Why is it so special?

We all know aluminium doors are superior to uPVC and composite, but until now they came with a hefty price tag that made them unsuitable for most customers. The Signature range is a premium quality aluminium door, yet price-wise it’s in the same ballpark as a good quality composite door.

The other big issue with aluminium doors is lead times – many suppliers are sourcing these directly from Europe which results in 8-12 week lead times. This can be even more frustrating in the event of a missing/damaged item.

The Signature range are manufactured here in the UK by Smart and have a 15 working day manufacture time. As volume increases, this is likely to drop down to 10 working days later in the year.

Why is the range limited?

The initial launch includes 5 door styles, however there are 9 more planned for release over the coming months. We will also be offering side lights and top lights by June.

Key Benefits

Won’t Bow or Warp

Unlike composite doors, bowing is not a common issue with aluminium. The nature and strength of the material means you can forget about all those annoying remedial visits – fit once and forget!

Unlimited Colour Range

Choose from any of the 250+ RAL colours in a choice of matt or gloss finish. You can also select any of the 61 colours from the exclusive Smart ranges, including the very popular Sensations range.

Choice of Finishes

Customers today want more than just a woodgrain option – with the Signature range you can offer a choice of matt, gloss, anodised, metallic and textured door finishes. These finishes all come with a matching frame.

Matching Trims

Frames with special finishes can be a headache to source matching trims for. We can supply the trims you need with the door, saving you valuable time and giving you everything you need for a top finish.

15 Day Lead Time

Forget waiting 8-12 weeks and hoping the doors aren’t stopped at the border. Our aluminium doors are made right here in the UK. We offer a 15 working day lead time with delivery to site the following week.

Shock Dot Technology

Every door is fitted with a Shock Dot, which will flash and illuminate red if the door has been mishandled, alerting you to potential damage. You can even scan the QR code to report the issue straight away.

Less Callbacks

Aluminium is the strongest material for an entrance door, making it a much more robust product than uPVC, composite or timber. That means there are less likely to be callbacks for issues like doors dropping etc.

Packaged For Success

The packaging on the Signature range has been designed to eliminate transit delivery or delayed installs. The box is designed to easily and safely carried horizontally, and has all loose items packaged inside.

3 Star Locks As Standard

Every door comes with a 3 star cylinder and insurance approved multi-point lock as standard. The door has achieved PAS24 and the superb energy rating makes it suitable for both new build and refurb.


The Sensations Collection

Textured Finish

An exclusive range of metallic textured finishes for a more premium finish. Sensations is our most luxurious range, featuring a stunning metallic finish that is almost ‘glitter-like’ in the right light.

The Creations Collection

Textured Finish

A small, hand-picked collection of vibrant and bold colours. This small range of 7 exclusive colours was hand-picked by Smart based on years of customer feedback.

The Cotswold Collection

Textured Finish

A classic palette in warm, heritage shades inspired by the Cotswold’s. If you’re looking for a traditional or neutral look, then the Cotswold range is perfect.

RAL Colours

Textured Finish

For a specific colour, choose from 216 shades from the classic RAL colour chart. All RAL colours come in a textured finish as standard.

The Naturals Collection

Gloss Finish*

Deep and rich ‘classic’ colours that are always popular due to their versatility. This range is a gloss finish but features two colours in a unique textured finish.

*Textured finish for Anthracite & Black

The Alchemy Collection

Gloss Finish

An innovative range of colours for those who dare to be different. The Alchemy range is a unique colour concept that explores colours such as gold, bronze and silver in an anodised finish.

To view the full range of colours available, just click here.

If you have any further questions on these doors please give us a call on 01642 309 574.


When are these doors available to order?

This new range is available to order from today. You just need to login to The Trade Village.

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