Unveiling the Game-Changing Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ Roof Light

We’re pleased to introduce the latest addition to our product line – The Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ roof light.

This is a brand new product for 2024, and promises to be another innovative product with the installer in mind.

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What’s so special about the Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ roof light?

Designed to be installed within minutes, this is the first roof light on the market that can be re-glazed easily if required. 

The flat glass from Korniche has a host of selling points that your customers will love, including: 

  • 28mm double or 44mm triple-glazed, self-cleaning solar-controlled glass options as standard 
  • Fitted in minutes
  • Bespoke sizes available 
  • 3 stock colour options: Grey matt, Black matt or White gloss. 
  • Also available in Bespoke RAL or BS colours

What are the main key features and benefits of this game-changing product? 

1 – Can Be Re-Glazed 

Korniche Flat Glass is the first re-glazeable aluminium roof light on the market. This is a great selling tool as other glass alternatives must be replaced if the glass fails or is damaged.

2 – Fitted In Minutes 

Korniche is brand renowned for having the fitter in mind, and the flat glass is no exception. Installation is super-simple and a standard size roof light will be done in minutes.

3 – PAS24 As Standard

Korniche Flat Glass is PAS24 as standard, making this a perfect product for either new build, extension or refurbishment projects. PAS24 is also a great selling tool for customers’ peace of mind.

4 – Sizes Up To 3m Long

The Korniche Flat Glass is available in very impressive sizes, up to 3 metres long and 1.7 metres wide. The maximum area is limited to 3m2.

5 – Thermal Performance 

The flat glass design is very sleek and slimline, but thanks to the polyamide inner section they have exceptional thermal performance.

6 – Internal Cover Trim

As a nice design touch, the Flat Glass features an internal cover trim which can be easily fitted over the internal plasterboard. This also has an adjustment on it to allow for various sizes of board.

7 – Triple Glazing Option

Choose from either 28mm double glazed or laminated security glass, or if your customer requires better U values or sound insulation you can upgrade to 44mm triple glazing.

8 – Stock & RAL Colours 

Choose from 3 stock colours: Grey, Black, and White. For a more unique touch, we also offer bespoke powder coated RAL colour finishes. Complementing each colour is a black gloss bezel, framing the glass unit.

9 – Made For 3-5 Degree Pitch

Korniche Flat Glass is designed to suit a pitch between 3-5 degrees, which is the industry standard and makes it perfect for openings typically prepared on extensions.

The Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ Roof Light: Order Today with The Trade Village 

Designed specifically with installers in mind, the range of impressive features and benefits of this product will not only save you time on-site but impress your customers as well. 

Providing the dream solution of a high-quality product at a great price, we guarantee Korniche is going to be your new favourite roof light.

To quote/ place an order, log in to your The Trade Village account. 

For more information, feel free to contact us on 01642 309574. 

FAQs about the Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ roof light

When is the Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ roof light available to order from?

The Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ roof light is available to order immediately. You just need to log in to your Trade Village account.

What colours are available for the Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ roof light?

As well as the 3 stock colour options (Grey matt, Black matt or White gloss), you also have the option to choose from bespoke RAL or BS colours too. 

What is the lead time for the Korniche ‘Flat Glass’ roof light?

The current lead time is 2-3 weeks on stock colours and 4-5 weeks for bespoke RAL colours. 

Do you supply any other Korniche Products? 

Yes, within our popular Trade Village product portfolio, we also supply Korniche Bi-Folding doors, as well as Korniche Roof Lanterns too.

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