New options for the Alitherm 400!

Back in January last year we added the Smart Alitherm 400 window to our Trade Village collection and with its impressive features, it’s no surprise that this well-crafted product has been making waves ever since. 

With this in mind, we are excited to announce that the Alitherm 400 is now available in 2 new configurations: the tilt and turn window and the flush sash window. 

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Tilt and turn 

The new tilt and turn option brings a new level of flexibility to the Alitherm 400 lineup. This innovative design allows the window to tilt inwards for secure ventilation or fully open internally for easy cleaning and maximum airflow. 

This dual functionality is ideal for modern living, providing practicality without compromising on style. 

Key features of the Tilt and Turn Alitherm 400 include: 

  • Easy open and close 
  • High strength 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Thermally efficient 
  • Easy installation 

Flush Sash 

As well as the tilt and turn option, we’re thrilled to offer the Alitherm 400 as a flush sash window. This design provides a sleek, contemporary look with the sash sitting flush within the frame, perfect for homeowners who prefer a minimalist aesthetic. 

Key features of the Flush Sash Alitherm 400 include: 

  • Exciting new style! 
  • Exquisite sight lines 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Thermally efficient 
  • Easy installation 

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What’s so special about the Alitherm 400?

If you’re not familiar with the Alitherm 400, here’s a quick recap of it’s most loved features and benefits: 

1. Features Smarts ‘Quick-glaze’ bead system 

Most aluminium windows have a bead system that requires on-site fitting and once fitted, requires wedge gasket cutting and inserting on-site. As any window fitter will tell you, this is a laborious and unenjoyable process, especially on aluminium windows. The gasket can often be tight to fit and very time-consuming, especially on larger jobs.

In comparison, the Alitherm 400 quick glaze bead has the gasket already extruded into the bead. This means the beads just need to be quickly and simply tapped in on-site. This not only saves the installer a lot of time but eliminates one of the most unenjoyable aspects of the fitting. 

2. Building regs approved 

Made with building regs in mind, the Smart Alitherm 400 windows and doors fully comply with all 2022 building regulations. 

This is a window system that definitely won’t leave you open to error when the building inspector comes knocking.

3. Pas 24 Certified 

The Alitherm 400 is also PAS 24 certified, making it the ideal solution if you’re in need of a window solution for new build properties. 

PAS 24 is often specified by architects and from an end user’s perspective, it’s a pretty strong selling tool. Any window or door that can achieve PAS 24 demonstrates that it’s a very strong and secure product, making it an extremely valuable asset.

4. Impressive energy ratings 

Meeting more stricter building regulations means that the Alitherm 400 has very impressive U values. A typical U value on a 1.5m x 1.2m side opening window would be 1.4 with double glazing, or 1.1 with triple glazing.

For an aluminium system, these are pretty impressive figures and not only is this good from a building regulations point of view but it means you can use it as a powerful selling tool, especially with heating costs on the rise and customers looking for ways to help offset their energy bills. 

5. Range of colour options

As with most aluminium systems today, the Alitherm 400 range is available in a stock colour range of white, Anthracite Grey and Black. Lead times vary depending on your supplier, but here at The Trade Village, we’re proud to offer a very fast turnaround of 10 days on stock colours.

RAL colours are also available, either as a single colour or dual colour (different colours inside and out). Another nice addition to the Alitherm 400 range is the option of choosing from the popular Smart Sensations and Alchemy ranges. These offer a range of metallic and anodised finishes that give the windows a much more interesting appearance, in our opinion.

Experience the Alitherm 400 with The Trade Village 

We’re confident that the Alitherm 400 new tilt and turn and flush sash options will make it even more appealing to customers. With its impressive design, compliance with building regs and unique features, it’s easy to see why this great product continues to be a top choice. 

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FAQs about the new Alitherm 400 options 

Are the new Alitherm 400 options suitable for residential and commercial properties. 

Yes, the new tilt and turn and flush sash configurations are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. 

When are the new Alitherm 400 options available from? 

The new Alitherm 400 window options are available to order from today. Just head over to your Trade Village account to quote/order. 

Alternatively, feel free to send over your enquiry via email:

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