Product Deep Dive Into The Verandah

Everything you need to pitch The Verandah to your customers

With Spring and Summer just around the corner, your customers are slowly starting to turn their attention to their outdoor spaces. This is a great time to make them aware of products that will help them enjoy the warmer weather. For residential properties, The Verandah is the perfect way to set up an entertaining space on the patio. With minimum fuss, clients can protect outdoor lighting and furniture from the elements. Its adaptability means it can also be used in driveways and lean-tos. For commercial buildings like restaurants or bars, The Verandah can expand how many customers they are able to sit comfortably. With this addition, hospitality businesses will not have to worry about Spring showers driving customers away or ruining their meals.

See this as your complete guide to The Verandah and how to encourage your customers to invest. As a product with healthy profit margins, it’s a worthy addition to any installer’s portfolio…

A Trade Village quality guarantee

Your reputation is vitally important to us. Satisfied, trusting customers lead to free word of mouth advertising, which ultimately means more revenue for you. You need total confidence in the quality of the products you install to keep everyone happy. This is why The Verandah is fully guaranteed for 10 years. It’s a huge selling point for your customers as their investment will benefit them for longer than just one season. You can also point out the value it will add to their property once it has been installed.

The Verandah vs a conservatory

There are a variety of other outdoor products for gardens and businesses out there. One of the questions you might come up against is why The Verandah? Why not a conservatory or a pergola? Depending on what your client wants to achieve, you may need to head in another direction, but below are the key benefits of choosing The Verandah over other options.

The Verandah can be adapted to different spaces. It can cover walkways, entrances, and outdoor dining spaces in restaurants or act as a carport in driveways. It can even replace awnings for shop fronts and retail outlets, being a more modern and stylish statement. The Verandah provides open views of a garden with less impact on sightlines. Whilst this is also true of a pergola, an open lattice roof offers far less protection, if any, from changing weather conditions.

A conservatory is always a popular option as it effectively adds another room to the property. However, they require a bigger investment, more time to install and are very much separate from the garden. The Verandah results in less space being taken away from the garden and allows natural airflow through the area it covers. When pitching it, explain that it is more of an integration to enhance the exterior of the property. The added bonus for you, of course, is easier and quicker installation.

Design specs

You already know the benefits and specifications, but here is a handy list of simplified specs to reference when you are talking with customers.

The Verandah has a 7-degree roof pitch as standard. The minimum pitch available is 5 degrees and the maximum is 30. There is a maximum distance of 3 metres between support posts and 1 metre for the eaves cantilever from the post centre. As standard, there is a maximum projection of 4 metres, but larger can be requested. Your customers can choose from doubled glazed glass units or polycarbonate. They will benefit from a ventilated wall plate and a high-quality finish. Every detail has been designed with elegance in mind, from decorative casting on column bases to ornate structural gallows brackets.

Fully bespoke

One of the greatest things about The Verandah is that it can be customised to fit in with each customer’s desired aesthetic. It can be installed as a straight or splayed lean-to and also in an ‘L’ shape. They can decide whether they want uPVC guttering or a bar overhang. The structure can be ordered in any RAL colour, although dark green, grey and blue tend to be the go-to options. Commercial clients are particularly interested in the colour options as it allows them to pick a finish that matches their branding and corporate identity. This can then be emphasised with an optional colour tint on the glass or polycarbonate units as well.

The versatility of The Verandah means it will sit perfectly on both traditional and contemporary properties. There are 5-foot options to choose from: the post only, a decorative foot, a decorative foot collar, both the decorative foot and tall collar or a square post. Equally, they can pick either traditional Quantal aluminium top caps or contemporary Ultraframe top caps. Whatever look they prefer, you will be able to cater to. Having so much input on the design features will make it feel completely personalised and tailored to them.


You have enough to worry about without a complicated and drawn-out installation project. Customers always appreciate efficient work that has minimal impact on their daily routine. This is why The Verandah comes to you partially assembled for easier handling on site. The glazing bar is pre-drilled, and the eaves beam has an integrated bolt rail. There is also a built-in tolerance for post height levelling or fixing where this is applicable.

To make life even easier, there is no minimum order, so you can get it as and when needed instead of having to wait for a set number of customers to agree to the work so you can place a bulk order. You can also benefit from free, fast delivery so you can complete jobs in a timely fashion.

Overall, The Verandah is an innovative solution to having a protected area for entertaining friends and families in your client’s home. With commercial applications too, there is really no end to where you can install it. Every consideration has been made to make sure you and your customers are left happy.

And with generous margins available for a day’s worth of installing, you’ll certainly be just as happy as your customer!

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