Hot Tub Benefits

From taking a soak in a ski lodge, to a few cold drinks with friends on a warm summer’s night, the idea of a Hot Tub has always seemed like the lap of luxury since the 80s. Now, with the rapid decrease in the price of a good quality hot tub, like our Orca Leisure range, it has never been easier to sell a customer their dream. But, in this health-conscious world we live in, you sometimes need a bit of science to push that sale from a “maybe” to a “when can you install?”.

Below, we’ve collated some of the best benefits of a regular soak in a premium tub.

Improved Circulation

Did you know that a little hot water can go a long way to make sure your blood gets to where it needs to be without taxing your blood pressure? The warm, regulated temperature of a hot tub expands blood vessels in the body, promoting healthy blood flow and reducing blood pressure, and as a bonus, it helps you feel calm as oxygen gets where it needs to go. Customers love this, as nothing sells a dream like the facts to justify it and in this world of high stress and ever higher pressure, it’s all so more appealing.

Easing of Arthritis and joint pain

As well as lowering the blood pressure, a regular soak in a hot tub can help with any customer’s arthritic pains (or any joint pain for that matter) since the relaxing heat of the tub also reduces joint swelling, a leading source of the discomfort and pain in moth arthritic conditions.

Promotes Metabolism/ Weight loss

Now this one may sound too good to be true (especially after 2 years of lockdown indulgences) but just hear us out. On average, people using hot tubs regularly lost an average of 1.5kg in weight with no changes to diet or exercise regime. A Scientific study from 2016 suggests that the warm bubbly water actually helps promote an increase in metabolism, not a replacement for regular exercise, but certainly beneficial for those who can’t perform frequently.

Promotes Healthy Wellbeing

Nothing says a healthy mindscape like taking a bath with friends… Jokes aside, this is one benefit your customers will notice instantly and is one of the easiest health benefits of a hot tub. Spending time with people in a shared experience in the flesh promotes healthy wellbeing. Inviting friends around for a soak and a chat will do nothing but wonders for the customers, we are social creatures after all.

Even more so when remembering that hot tubs relax, with swirling hot water and massagers to release the tension, and completely chill you out, with those you care about. Talk about a win/win!

A Good Night’s Sleep

Who doesn’t have at least a little insomnia? In fact, a recent scientific study said that up to 60% of Brits have experienced some sort of sleep issue, with a huge increase in reported issues in the last 5 years alone. Well, half an hour in a tub a day can relieve the effects of insomnia, with the hydrotherapeutic effects of the water jets and aqua massagers proven to affect the quality of sleep, resulting in deeper and longer sleep periods.

If these free benefits don’t help sell tubs, we’re not sure what will! Especially when paired with the ease of using The Trade Hub for exclusive online pricing on all our products! Why not add this to your product portfolio, along with our other “Outdoor Living” range and see the orders come rolling in.

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