Door Stop Hinge Options

Still one of our most popular products after all these years, the Door Stop composite door continues to be a hit amongst homeowners.

Over the years the product has had many changes and improvements, but you might not realise that there are numerous hinge options to pick from?

As a fitter, you’ll know that the hinge plays a key part in the success of any composite door installation. More importantly, a huge proportion of callbacks tend to be attributed to hinge issues (doors dropping, not set up correctly etc).

We know that certain customers prefer certain hinges, so we wanted to give you a quick rundown and reminder of the hinge options for a Door Stop composite door…

Adjustable Hinge:

The Trojan3D Composite Door Hinge is the default hinge when you quote a door using our door designer. The hinge is quick and simple to fit and once fitted the door slab is detachable from the frame, thus simplifying installation. The 3D Hinge is easily adjusted in all planes, either in the factory or onsite, ensuring perfect door alignment for years of trouble-free operation.


  • A butt hinge with full 3D adjustment for a perfect door fit.
  • Simultaneous vertical adjustment across all hinges which ensures even load distribution
  • Fits into rebate to give unobtrusive secure design.
  • Sash can easily be removed from frame for easy installation.
  • Pre-assembled, ready to fit design

Athena Hinge:

Also manufactured by Trojan, the heavy-duty Athena Hinge is designed for Composite Doors. The patented Athena Hinge’s strength comes from its double knuckle construction. Three Athena Door hinges have a combined carrying weight of 100kg, making them perfect for heavy-duty applications such as large or triple glazed Composite Doors. The slim sightline Athena Hinge offers a slim aesthetically pleasing design with an unobtrusive appearance.


  • 2D height and lateral adjustment achievable with the door closed (Full Float Technology for visual alignment)
  • No unsightly gaps visible following adjustment
  • PAS 24: 2016 compatible as part of a door assembly
  • Double knuckle construction for increased load bearing
  • Fitter and installer-friendly (Lift on, Lift off door design)
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Fixed Hinge:

The old school fitter’s favourite, the classic fixed butt hinge is basically a traditional ‘pencil style’ hinge, like those fitted on timber doors. There’s no adjustment at all on these, but we still have a devout following of customers who will order nothing but(t) these hinges (sorry)…

Yes, some fitters might baulk at the idea there is no adjustment, but the upside is there is almost no movement at all on this hinge once fitted. That means if the door is installed perfectly plumb and square (as it should be), the doors almost never drop which means you get less chance of callbacks than a traditional hinge. They are also about £10 cheaper than adjustable options, so may be worth considering…

Avocet Hinge:

The Avocet Affinity 3D hinge is described as the only truly active 3D butt hinge available for composite doors. Simply use a 6mm Allen key for independent vertical, horizontal and compression adjustment – no need to release any fixings.

The adjustable 3D butt hinge gives you just that. From the inside the hinge appears like a butt hinge giving you all the flexibility you need for installation and adjustment without the need for face fixed flag type hinges.


  • Secured by Design accredited
  • Performance: Endurance tested to 100,000 operations Load tested to 100kg on 3 hinges
  • Discrete traditional butt hinge suitable for inward opening doors
  • Meets the security requirements of PAS024
  • Active 3D adjustment
  • Simple Allen key control over independent vertical, horizontal and compression adjustment – no need to release any fixings or the door leaf

Challenger Hinge:

The Challenger door hinge from Era is a 3D adjustable hinge that has surged in popularity in recent years. It has a 3-way adjustment achieved via an Allen key which allows a huge range of adjustment so you can easily get the door sealing tightly with little effort.


  • Security of the pin is achieved by a concealed grub screw, which prevents unauthorised lift off on outward opening doors
  • Self-lubricating bushes
  • Secured security pin for open in and open out doors
  • Rounded clip fix cover cap for a real secure cover
  • True 3D Adjustment for real ease of fabrication and fitting
  • Weight loading capacity of 90kg for 3 hinges


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