Things Trending This Summer

Summer, undoubtedly one of the most loved seasons of the year. With endless numbers of barbeques, drinks and everyone mostly in the non-stop party spirit, it’s this time of year a lot of us look forward to. 

This season, homeowners are especially focusing on creating an amazing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy all day long and with this year set to be one of the biggest years for garden design trends, we thought it would be a great idea to take a look at the top things trending this summer. 

From colour shifts to choosing products that help blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors, the overall goal is clear – creating that perfect outdoor-indoor space that truly looks and feels the part!

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Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

After being cooped up indoors for the past few years, it’s no surprise that many of us have been itching to have our loved ones over. However, the ever-changing British summer time has created the need for a covered hybrid outdoor space. 

An outdoor canopy not only adds a huge ‘wow’ factor to the area, but also helps to ensure that any guests enjoying the views are shielded from sudden weather showers, making the area a perfect spot for chilled drinks in the evening. 

In order to create this beautiful scene, one of the products homeowners are looking to in particular is the Verandah. Not only can it be adapted to different spaces, but also provides a more modern and stylish statement, not forgetting the 10 year guarantee for peace of mind too! 

Neutral & Pale Colours  

With many moving away from bold, statement colours and moving towards minimal, pale and neutral colours with seasonal accents, it’s evident that homeowners are wanting to create classy, inviting and warm atmospheric garden design spaces. 

One trend homeowners have been jumping on to achieve this type of space is through the use of garden decking, paired with minimalistic looking furniture.

Through our fantastic range of Millboard decking products, we have a range of decking to suit almost all audiences and each style of decking we supply has been made from the most amazing, hand-painted, wood-moulded composite you’ve ever seen, meaning any range can help bring a calming zen energy to any outdoor space. 

Hot Tubs 

Whilst previously considered a high-ticket, luxurious item, thanks to the recent drop in prices over the last few years, hot tubs are now more affordable than ever and the recent growth in popularity we’ve seen is testament to that. 

This rise in popularity is set to grow even further over the next few years with homeowners going crazy over the product not only for the atmosphere it creates, but the many health benefits associated with a regular, relaxing soak too. 

Thanks to our fantastic partnership with Orca leisure, one of the leading hot tub manufacturers, we’re proud to be an official supplier, supplying a large choice of stunning hot tubs at a non-luxury price. 

Whether the addition is for calm evenings or regular get togethers, there’s something for everyone in this popular collection of tubs. 

Multi-Season Space

Is there anything better than having the outdoor space ready for a summer of fun? Yes, there is! – It’s having the outdoor space ready to enjoy every day of the year, not just for the one season. 

It’s fair to say that the past few years have helped us to understand the importance of utilising the outdoors whenever we get a chance to. From easter egg hunts in the garden in spring, to cosy autumn marshmallow roasting over a fire with the kids, another trend on the rise is the move to outdoor spaces that have the ability to accommodate any type of seasonal activity. 

Our Cladco Composite Decking can help to achieve exactly this. Not only does it look the part, but its unique shape allows it to boast durability under any type of weather condition throughout the year, with no need to worry about slipping in the rain or ice. 

Also, with the product being weather-resistant and waterproof, this means there’s no awkward moss and dirt to clean after a busy winter, meaning it’s ready to go anytime of the year, completely hassle free! 

Outdoor Trends For The Future 

It’s pretty clear to see that most are looking to create an outdoor haven that they can enjoy all year-round with those closest to them and there’s no doubt that our fantastic collection of products discussed in this article can help anyone achieve just that. 

With these popular trends showing no signs of slowing down and definitely here to stay, it really is something to consider offering to your customers if you don’t already. 

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