The WARMroof

An award-winning solid roof system designed for year round comfort.

Solid roof (or ‘warm roof’ systems) are one of the fastest rising products in our industry. With more and more homeowners looking to either add extensions or give a facelift to an existing conservatory, this is one product that is only going to keep surging in popularity over the next few years.

There are already lots of solid roof systems out there, so how do you know which one to pick? Well, we’ve done the research for you…

After trying some of the most well know brands in the warm roof market, it quickly became apparent that the WARMroof from Prefix Systems was a clear winner.

What our customers have loved about the product is the range of customisation available, particularly the choice of fixed roof lights or Velux windows as an addition.

Here’s a few key selling points about the WARMroof system:


The WARMroof can accommodate any shape of conservatory roof, and to date there has not been a roof design beyond our scope. Available designs include Edwardian, Georgian, Gable, Hipped Lean To & P Shape.


We offer a hybrid glazed option, which lets you add either a double or triple glazed roof- light into the roof design. This is a perfect options for homeowners who want additional light, and you can customise where the light is fitted in the roof.


Available as standard with a plastered finish internally, this allows the homeowner to personalise the the finish by matching their internal decor. The plasterboard finish will save you time on site and leave the customer with a fresh canvas to paint on.


We offer two ranges of tiles – Envirotile & Tapcoslate. The Envirotile is a lightweight tile available in 4 colours. The Tapcoslate range has a textured surface and is moulded from real slate. The tiles have a 25 year and 40 year warranty respectively.


We also offer the option of official Velux windows for customers who want glazing with extra ventilation. These can even be specified with our internal timber cladding, for a truly breathtaking finish.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Recently voted the best solid roof system by the Conservatory & Orangery awards, and manufactured by one of the UK’s leading roof suppliers. The WARMroof is a ‘solid’ product in every sense of the word.

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