Product Spotlight: Korniche Roof Lanterns

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that the Korniche Roof Lantern truly represents a pinnacle of technical reliance in the realm of architectural design. With their exceptional construction, thermal efficiency and stunning visual appeal, this makes them a favoured choice as a method for enhancing interior spaces.

Through their winning combination of cutting edge performance and competitive pricing, it makes it no surprise that the Korniche Roof Lantern is quickly becoming one of the top go-to lanterns for installers across the UK. 

Here’s a re-cap of the key features and benefits of this master product. 

Market Leading Strength 

With meticulous engineering, the Korniche Roof Lantern stands as the unrivalled champion in strength and stiffness within the market. It effortlessly accommodates industry-leading maximum glass sizes, eliminating the need for extra rafters. 

Designed For Quicker Install 

With its simple design, the Korniche Roof Lantern can be fitted within minutes and glazed in seconds, making it the fastest and easier kit to install in the market, with some claiming it’s 4 times quicker to install than its rivals. 

Only the base of the external upstand requires silicone for the unit to securely sit on top and no additional sealant is required to connect the aluminium or glazing components. 

The beams have been thoughtfully designed with pre-drilled holes, eliminating the need for measuring or marking, helping to ensure the correct number of fittings for the unit. Each component can be effortlessly pushed, clicked and finally screwed into place, without the requirement of packers of shims. 

With this user-friendly installation process, a single person can easily handle units up to about 200cm in length (pretty impressive indeed!)

Fully Protected 

With the Roof Lantern boasting a fully thermal break design, this effectively minimises heat transfer by incorporating thermal breaks that connect the external and internal aluminium elements. This thorough construction ensures a significant reduction in heat transmission. 

The glazing panes are also Low-E coated on the inside, further aiding in keeping the heat trapped within the building. 

With its well-thought out design, the product holds a low U-value of 1.2 W/m²k. 

Lock Systems For Peace Of Mind 

For extra peace of mind, Korniche incorporates top-of-the-line factory-fitted seals and gaskets throughout the unit. Additionally, an innovative glass lock system with tamper-proof fasteners is employed, seamlessly blending with the other fittings and remaining invisible when viewed from inside a room.

This revolutionary glass lock system helps to guarantee long-term security and little upkeep as it prevents the glass from sliding after installation. 

These high-end details result in an unparalleled level of comfort, aesthetic harmony and strong safety. 

Key Benefits

As well as the incredible features explained above, the Korniche Roof Lantern also has the following benefits: 

  • Stock Colours – The lantern is available in 3 stock colours and 150+ RAL colours in matt, satin or gloss finish, meaning the colour choice makes it easier for matching with the interior/ exterior style of a property. 
  • Square Pyramid Lanterns Now Available – With many homeowners preferring the pyramid design of a square roof lantern for its precisely squared openings, or even for 2 distinct lanterns rather than a single larger one, we also offer a range of square pyramid lanterns too. These lanterns are perfect for homeowners wanting a perfectly square opening. 
  • Glass Tint Options – We have a large selection of glass tint options to choose from, all including self-cleaning glass. 
  • Value for Money – The Korniche Roof Lantern not only provides all these fantastic features and benefits, but also does so at an incredibly competitive price too, making it excellent value for money. 


So, there you have it! A fantastic product with fantastic benefits, at an incredibly competitive price. 

If you’re in need of some more product information or have some questions, feel free to give our friendly Trade Village team a call on 01642 309574. 

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When can I place an order? 

All the products in our Korniche Roof Lantern range are available to order via our Trade Village website.

Do I need a Trade Village account to place an order? 

Yes, you need a Trade Village account to place an order. It’s completely free to sign up

Do you supply any other Korniche products? 

Yes, we also supply Korniche Bi-Fold Doors, click here for more information. 

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