Introducing Cortizo Cor Vision

Cortizo Slimline Sliding Doors For Modern Living

The Cortizo Cor Vision represents a new breed of sliding doors that focus on as little visible frame as possible. With the aim of creating an ‘openable’ glass façade, these stunning aluminium doors feature super slimline frames and a sightline of just 20mm between the door panes!

The Cor Vision is a product that allows homeowners to really push the boundaries of their project. The doors can be manufactured as corner openers, pocket door systems (for concealed sashes that hide in the wall cavity) and you can even create a ‘frameless’ effect by hiding the outer frame behind the cavity, plaster or render.

The doors are capable of huge sizes up to 2.5m wide x 3m high, and all glass is pre-bonded into the frames during manufacture.

The Cortizo Cor Vision is one of the most affordable slimline sliding doors in its class, but that doesn’t mean any compromise on quality. Cortizo are one of the leading aluminium extruders in the world, and their products have been re-branded by some of the biggest selling brands in the UK.

This high-end product will wow your customers and give you a competitive edge.


What are the key benefits of a Cortizo Cor Vision slimline sliding door?


1 – Slimline Frames For Minimalist Design


The super slim-line frames mean that around 90% of the total aperture is glass. This minimal, Avant-Garde design is perfect for creating a ‘glass wall’ effect that still has the functionality to slide open.


2 – Visible Section Of Only 20mm


With a slim interlocking frame of only 20mm, you can create panoramic views of the outside as well as the look of a ‘glazed wall’. This is one of the most slimline sections available on the market and represents a new trend amongst design-savvy homeowners.


3 – Frameless Look Achievable


The Cortizo Cor Vision allow you the option to embed the outer frames within a wall, creating a ‘frameless’ effect. This gives you the maximum visible glass area possible and also a seamless flush threshold – very popular amongst homeowners who want to entertain!


4 – Massive Glass Areas


Our slimline sliding doors can be manufactured in sizes up to 2.5 metres per sash in width and 3 metres in height, which allows your customer to envision a real wow factor opening.


5 – Suitable For Corner System


The doors can also be manufactured as a corner opening slider, allowing the customer to create stunning designs and large inviting spaces. Many architects are now utilising corner designs to enhance the space available, so we believe this will be a rising trend.


6- Pocket Door Option


Create a pocket door solution for those high-end projects, meaning the sash can ‘disappear’ into the wall. This is often requested by architects in modern design.

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