Up to 10% off Comp Door!

The Comp Door is an innovative composite door designed by some of the leading figures in the industry. With a solid timber-core design that addresses seasonal movement, this results in an end product that looks and performs great all year round.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce that we’re now offering up to 10% off our Comp Door range.

*Offer excludes French doors, Stable doors and Arched doors. 

What’s so special about Comp Door composite doors? 

Whilst many of you will no doubt be experts when it comes to Comp Door, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to recap the product and its key benefits for those who may not be as familiar with the product.

Created by visionaries at the forefront of  door design, the Comp Door stands as a remarkable testament to innovation and quality. By enhancing functionality and introducing a level of durability, it surpasses its predecessors and results in a performance that will leave you astounded. 

Unlike most traditional composite doors, the Comp Door embraces a solid timber-core design that ingeniously addresses seasonal movement challenges. As a result, it delivers in a solid door that looks and performs great all year round. 

What sets the Comp Door apart from others is its commitment to resolving the common issues that have plagued timber-core doors in the past. Meticulously engineered with these challenges in mind, this door really is a game changer. 

It’s clear that the Comp Door is not just a composite door; it’s a statement of unparalleled excellence. 

Key benefits of Comp Door

As well as its fantastic design, the CompDoor also has the following benefits: 

  1. Solid Timber Core 

With a 48mm solid timber core that is in fact a premium cross-laminated Albasia Falcata offering thermal efficiency and improved security. 

  1. Auto Fire Locking 

An automatic multi-point lock means that once the door is closed, it’s fully locked without the need to pull the lever handle back up. This fantastic function solves the biggest problem timber-core composite doors face as they are usually prone to movement when not fully engaged at all times. 

  1. CoolSkin Technology 
  1. 1.4 U Value 

The Comp Door is the first solid timber composite door to achieve a U value of 1.4, making the door the most thermally efficient in its class. This also means the door meets the 2022 building regulations requirement. 

  1. Triple Sealed Frames

The outer frame housing features a triple seal, which means that it provides better weatherproofing and performance than other composite doors. This also makes the Comp Door ideal for installation in more extreme climates. 

  1. Arched Frames

Currently, Comp Door is available in arched frames for replacement on period properties. Stable and French doors options are also planned for release in the near future. 

Choose Comp Door with The Trade Village 

If you’re looking for a great quality composite door that combats seasonal movement and performs great all year round, the Comp Door is the perfect choice. 

To take advantage of our current promotion, log in to your Trade Village account to quote/ place an order.

*Please note: this offer ends August 31st and excludes French doors, Stable doors and Arched doors. 

FAQs about Comp Door 

When is the Comp Door promotion available from? 

Our Comp Door promotion is now live and will end August 31st. 

Are there any Comp Door styles excluded from this promotion? 

Yes, French doors, Stable doors and Arched doors are excluded from this promotion.

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