Aluminium Windows: A trend that keeps on growing

In the world of architectural design and home improvement, you’ll no doubt already know how quick trends come and go. However, there’s one trend that has not only stood the test of time but has continued to gain momentum over the years- aluminium windows. 

These sleek, durable and energy-efficient windows have captured the hearts of homeowners, architects and designers alike, making them a trend that keeps on growing, but why? 

Here are some of the main reasons why homeowners are jumping on the aluminium windows trend: 

Sleek Aesthetics, Versatile Designs 

Aluminium windows are renowned for their sleek and modern design. With clean lines and thin frames, the windows offer a contemporary aesthetic that complements a wide range of architectural styles, from minimalistic to industrial to avant-garde. The slim profiles of aluminium frames allow for large expanses of glass, resulting in expansive views and abundant natural light. This unique design property has contributed to their enduring popularity. 

The windows are also extremely versatile as they can be customised to fit different shapes and sizes, allowing them to be used for unique window designs. Whether the goal is to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces or eye-catching geometric shapes that provide good focal points, aluminium windows provide creative possibilities that cater to different preferences.

Durability Beyond Comparison

Aluminium is inherently resistant to rust, corrosion and weather-related damage, making it an ideal choice for those who need windows that can withstand all these elements. Unlike other types of materials that can warp, crack or deteriorate over time, aluminium windows maintain their structural integrity, even in harsh environmental conditions. 

This level of durability translates to long-term cost savings for homeowners as these windows require a lot less maintenance in comparison to other materials that need regular sealing/ painting to keep in good condition. 

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

With energy efficiency becoming an increasingly important consideration for homeowners and environmental enthusiasts, aluminium windows shine in this aspect as well. Modern aluminium windows are engineered with advanced thermal break technology, helping the windows to significantly reduce heat transfer, enhancing the windows’ energy efficiency and contributing to lower energy bills.

Aluminium is also a highly recyclable material, which aligns with the growing nudge towards sustainable construction practices. The recycling process for aluminium requires much less energy compared to the production of new aluminium, making it an environmentally responsible choice. 

Security & Performance 

With homeowners valuing security and peace of mind now more than ever, aluminium windows can offer that added layer of protection. The inherent strength of aluminium, coupled with modern locking mechanisms, make these windows highly secure against potential break-ins. The extremely robust nature of aluminium also ensures that the windows maintain their structural integrity, even under pressure from strong windows or impacts. 

Beyond security, aluminium windows provide excellent sound insulation, helping to create a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment. This is especially useful for homes situated in noisy urban areas or near busy roads. 

Aluminium Windows From The Trade Village

Here at The Trade Village, we’re proud to offer a fantastic range of Aluminium windows at extremely competitive prices. 

For a reminder of the aluminium windows we offer, see below (We also offer flexible deposits on all window jobs too): 

Reynaers SL68 Slimline Windows 

Specifically designed for the UK retail market, the impressive Reynaers slimline aluminium window has everything you would expect from a manufacturer with a stellar reputation. The windows are slimline, sleek and look effortlessly modern. All of the sight-lines are finished off in a very clean fashion and the energy rating is superb (U-values as low as 1.0 possible). 

When it comes to looking for a window with minimal sight-lines and great energy efficiency, this is the perfect option. 

Smart Alitherm 400 (Quick-Glaze Beads) – NEW!

The Smart Alitherm 400 is one of the latest additions to The Trade Village and also one of the first on the market to come with the new quick glaze bead, meaning the beads can simply be tapped in with the basket already in place. A faster, easier glazing process with no wedged gaskets, as well as being fully compliant with changes to document L of the building regulations. 

If you’re looking for windows that meet the new stricter regulations, this is the one for you. 

Smart Alitherm 300 (System 1 & 2) – NEW!

Another recent addition to The Trade Village is The Smart Alitherm 300 System 1 & System 2

The system 1 window is more of a contemporary stylish frame that is perfect for new build and modern extensions. This choice is for those looking for a budget-friendly alternative to similar options from Reynaers, Shucco and Warmcore. 

The system 2 window is our most competitive priced aluminium window, making it a great entry into the market for customers who need to replace tired uPVC windows or want to choose a stylish aluminium makeover that won’t ‘break the bank’. 

For contemporary styling or just great priced aluminium windows in general, The Smart Alitherm 300 Systems are definitely ones to consider. 

Smart Alitherm 600 (Opal Living) Windows

Opal Living windows are easily our most popular Smart aluminium window offering, suitable for both commercial and residential projects. The best thing about this window system is that you can get it in a choice of 3 sash options- Ovolo, Chamfered or Square, providing a style to suit every homeowner. 

With a U-Value of 1.3 and an energy rating of B, as well as ultra-slim frames, this window system allows more natural light to flood the room. 

If purchasing on a budget, the Alitherm is a great choice as it is well priced and available in any colour and a range of textured finishes. 

Smart Alitherm 800 (Opal Elegance) Windows

Opal Elegance windows have a flush sash finish and are the ultimate window for clean and modern aesthetics. The sash sits on the same plane as the rest of the window, creating a flush, in-line cutting edge look to this very high performance window system. 

For customers who want a very detailed, uniform look, this product is perfect as any window designs with fixed panes will be manufactured with a dummy sash, ensuring the glass lines run through perfectly. 

Smart Alitherm Heritage (Opal Heritage) Windows 

As suggested by its name, Opal Heritage windows are the perfect choice for heritage applications like listed building renovations where planning regulations require a like-for-like steel replacement window with optimum thermal performance. 

Being more of a traditional style window, they’re often the go-to for cottage style properties. The windows can also be used for single and double french doors to create a slimline, contemporary alternative. 

If the property is more period or traditional, the Smart Alitherm is the number one choice. 

Smart Eco Futural (Opal Tilt & Turn) Windows

Opal Tilt & Turn windows are high-performance windows suitable for use as tilt and turn, pivot casement, fixed and open out casement windows. They are more commonly used in commercial applications, but also a great alternative for residential properties too. 

The most popular benefit of these windows is that they can be made in larger sizes than standard casement windows, making them a great choice when customers need sashes bigger than the maximum, or a full height with tilting for ventilation. 

When it comes to needing a versatile product that is suitable for residential and commercial projects, look no further than The Smart Tilt & Turn.

The Future of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have evolved significantly over the years thanks to ongoing manufacturer investment in research and development to improve their performance, aesthetics and overall functionality.

With the aluminium trend set to stay and flourish over the next few years, it may be a good idea to consider adding the product to your offering.

For questions or more information on any of the products, contact our team via 01642 309574, or you can live chat us via our website. 

FAQs about Aluminium Windows

For aluminium windows, what colours and finishes are there to choose from? 

For our aluminium windows, you can choose from any of the 250+ Ral colours and either a glass or matt finish.

What aluminium windows do you supply at The Trade Village?

Within our fantastic range of aluminium windows, we supply the following: the Reynaers SL68 Slimline, the Smart Alitherm 300 (System 1 & 2), the Smart Alitherm 400, the Smart Alitherm 600, the Smart Alitherm 800, the Smart Alitherm Heritage & the Smart Eco Futural (Opal Tilt & Turn). 

Do you supply any other types of windows?

Yes, we also supply Duraflex uPVC windows as well as the premium quality Deceuninck Heritage windows too.

How do I place an order? 

To place an order, just login to The Trade Village website. If you don’t have an account with us, don’t worry! Click here to register, it’s free! 

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